Workplace Policies That Are Responsible For Businesses Losing Top Talent

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Attracting top talent during a recruitment drive is a major challenge faced by organizations today. However,  many companies find it equally difficult to retain their best employees for long. In both cases, the workplace policies adopted by the companies are often believed to be the major cause of such loss of talent. According to the experts from a leading recruitment company Indonesia, having outdated workplace policies such as the ones discussed below tends to drive away professionals and result in a decline in organization goodwill and profitability.

Confining Business Restrictions

Companies that impose strict restrictions on the working and behavior of their employees often experience a high turnover rate. This is because most employees today prefer to work in an environment that offers them greater flexibility with minimal red tape. They also seek a greater say in the making of specific decisions and establishing the key workplace protocols.

Limited Scope Of Employee Growth

Most employees seek consistent career growth and development within their organization. However, if their company is unable to provide them the same, they are likely to seek job options elsewhere. The top recruitment agency Indonesia consultants are of the opinion that the lack of enough growth and development can significantly impact the performance efficiency of employees besides making them feel resentful towards the company.

Poor Communication Between Management And Employees

The Effects of Poor Communication In The Workplace

Many companies still adhere to the traditional policy of keeping things hidden from their employees. However, this often makes the employees feel alienated and not worthy of being trusted by the management. When the employees lose their sense of belonging with the organization they, tend to look for a position in a more inclusive company.

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