4 Reasons to reach out to Executive Search Firms In Indonesia

Making a bad hire for your C-suite position can have disastrous consequences for your organization. Finding a top-performing, qualified executive is an art, the one that is gained by working for years in the recruitment field. Any lack of experience or the right set of resources can create a huge mess for your company, one that would be hard to recover from. 

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Hiring one of the best executive search firms in Indonesia can help you save a lot of costs that get incurred in filling the executive role. Here is the list of reasons why hiring one of the best 10 executive search firms in Indonesia is worth the investment in the short-term as well as long-term: 

Why outsource your executive search in Indonesia?

These firms can help you find the right fit for your company in less time with minimum risk. Here is a list of a few other reasons:

1) Access to a high-quality network of potential candidates

If you’ve exhausted your list of connections and still failed to find the right executive for your company, it is definitely time to hire a team of experts to do the job for you. The search firms have a long list of high-quality executive professionals, both active and passive. With a global network of contacts, the firm can help you find the right talent from a bigger pool of potential candidates than you can ever have on your own.

2) Some positions are worth the investment

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The implications of a bad hire are heavy both in terms of money and time. Top search firms are experienced in understanding the rare combination of skills mix needed for the top positions. In addition to this, the risk involved while hiring through a firm is very less thus saving your company a lot of unseen cost in terms of a bad hire and the time wasted in hiring on your own. 

3) Lack of right in-house resources

One of the most time-consuming and daunting tasks that need to be performed while looking for a potential executive candidate to fill the top position of your company is the screening process. Going through a candidate’s CV takes time and is one of the most crucial skills of the hiring staff. Having a search firm by your side can help you achieve this task efficiently. These firms deal with CV assessment every day and know what exactly to look for in the candidate’s profile. They skim through the CV not only from a skill perspective but also from the company culture perspective. 

4) To have long-term employees in your company

Third-party search firms calculate the success based on the longevity and retention rate of their employees. An expert firm is good at assessing which candidate has the potential from a long-term perspective and hence will contribute positively to the business’ future growth.

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